The World’s Most Striking Bathroom Basins

Bathroom Basin. Sink, bowl, a plumbing fixture. Round container, attached to a wall and water supply. In any case, a bowl (of some sort) to contain water (one way or another). However, you want to look at it, it certainly does not seem any more than just an ordinary household object. But today, let’s reconsider this most mundane of objects…


It turns out a basin can be so much more than that.

Combining simple functionality of an object and calming qualities of an artwork, designers behind these pearls have created something truly impressive.

Who would have thought, such an ordinary object like a bathroom basin, could well be a piece of art in itself?


Ladies and gentleman, a basin, a very extraordinary, ordinary object.





Bathroom Basin Inspiration

Beautifully soft in its simplicity with a little bit of a vintage feel to it, this basin remains timeless,  as ever.


Magical Bathroom Basin Inspiration
via Cuded

In a slightly more modern version, this bathroom basin is truly hypnotizing.  Like a kaleidoscope, with its transparent bottom, it adds a little bit of magic to any setting.



Stone Bathroom Basin Inspiration
via Trendland

For those who prefer more of a rustic feel to their interiors, this stone-cold basin option perfectly fits the warmth of the wooden flooring.



Coffee Cup Shaped Bathroom Basin Inspiration
via Cuded

This one really is for all the coffee lovers out there. Well, there are times, when every day is a coffee day. Wouldn’t this be a perfect setting to start a “I need a coffee drip” kind of day?


Twisted Bathroom Basin Inspiration
via Cuded

Every so often, due to extensive caffeine consumption, things might get a little twisted…. Twisted, with a hidden purpose these basins would make any bathroom interesting.


Country House Bathroom Basin Inspiration
via Cuded


Great combination of stone-cold textures implemented by the raw, wooden panels. Perfect bathroom for your dream country house?


Concrete Bathroom Basin Inspiration
Wall & Deco

Minimalist ,sculptured concrete basin creates perfect contrast to the unpolished, vintage wall behind. Drama is not only for the TV room.


Elegant Bathroom Basin Inspiration

This is a new, very fresh, strongly grounded, yet so tastefully elegant basin. It’s a pleasure to look at, isn’t it? Glowing through the natural light of day.


Now to bring the outside in…


Bathroom Basin Inspiration
via Pinterest

Even though there are always ups and downs, carving various memories and experiences along the way, it remains grounded. 



Wood And Marble Bathroom Basin Inspiration

Simple, bright interior and a truly statement kind of basin like this is a solution for a sleek bathroom. Now this must be one of the most elegant bathroom basins in the world right? Beautiful combination of wood and marble creates a rather spectacular effect. 


Elegant Bathroom Basin Inspiration
Gore Design Co

Last but not least, this is a truly breathtaking design. Clean, elegant yet mesmerizing.  Simple task of brushing your teeth in the morning would never be the same in a bathroom like this! We could just stare forever…


Impressive or inspiring? 

Yes, we will never look at a bathroom basin the same way too. 

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