How To: Transform a cloakroom into a bathroom?

Have you ever thought how to transform cloakroom into bathroom?

The most common place to transform a small space into a bathroom is traditionally a cupboard under your stairs, however cloakroom bathrooms work well in just about any small space in your home. Transforming a small space into a second bathroom not only beats the toilet queues, it also adds value to your home. Here are Salacia’s top tips to getting the most out of your cloakroom toilet:

How to transform- Salacia of London.Be realistic with space

Fitting a bathroom into a small space is a great idea, but be aware of how much space you actually have to work with. The bare minimum that you’ll need is a toilet, basin and somewhere to hang a towel, so measure up your floor space before you start the project as you don’t want it to feel claustrophobic and cramped.

Get some headspace

Although this may be obvious, you want to ensure that after you transform the small space, you can actually fit in the room. Underfloor spacing tends to have a slanted wall due to the stairs. We would recommend having the toilet placed against the slanted wall, and the sink on the wall with the highest ceiling. Get the tallest person in your house to stand in the space to double check it will be easily used by everyone in your home!

Ventilation is key

Not only does a window provide ventilation, it also lets in more natural light to illuminate the room making the space look and feel a lot bigger. Ventilation is also a necessity for your bathroom as it will help the room to breathe and not buildup humid air, which could lead to dampness or mold.

How to transform- Salacia of London.Final fixings are everything

From lighting, to wall colour, you’re going to want to design your cloakroom bathroom to give the illusion that it’s bigger than it actually is.  When you transform it, choose a lighting that distracts you from the small space, add a mirror to reflect as much light as possible, and paint the walls in light, neutral colours. Salacia of London’s top tip is to use the same flooring that is used outside the bathroom, to create the feeling that it’s connected and bigger.

Our bathroom ranges will help you find the perfect design for you to transform your cloakroom bathroom space, no matter what the size! Choose your room size, choose your style, choose your dream at Salacia of London.