Small bathroom design tips

Small bathroom design…

Small bathroom design can be a real issue. If you’re in London, or even if you’re not, a dinky bathroom can leave us feeling underwhelmed when it comes to design. We therefore perhaps feel that it’s not worth the effort, being such a small bathroom space. And so we leave it to remain the one-dimensional utility that it is.

Question: why have beautiful design elsewhere in the home and not in the humble mini lav?

Exactly. Not to worry, we’re here to help with small bathroom inspiration. A little attention can go a long way.


small bathroom ideas. Salacia of London
small bathroom ideas. Salacia of London.

This beautiful and useful component in a small bathroom can bring detail and intrigue to an otherwise soulless space. Have fun choosing from a wide range of stunning marbles to cut a piece from. Alternatively, display a few much-loved tiles from a trip abroad. If you have no other way to show a little flair, try using the splash back.


If you’re not keen on doing any works to space, with the right accessories, you needn’t change anything about your bathroom. A beautiful candle on a ledge, some dried flowers on the cistern, or a collection of colourful hand towels can make all the difference. We love the details around this simple wall-hung basin. It feels very natural and uncontrived. And yet the impact is big, wouldn’t you agree?

small bathroom design. Salacia of London


Perhaps detail is not really needed. A pared-back look for a small bathroom can do wonders, most importantly for how you might feel using the space. If it’s a small space, why not give it the room it needs? Bathrooms are intimate spaces, and also space where we ‘take a break’ in more ways than one.

small bathroom design ideas. Salacia of London.

Keep it simple

So why not keep it super simple and minimal to give guests and yourselves a refreshing break for a moment. This design by SYNArchitecture may seem a little extreme, but imagine the exhalation as you enter into a space dominated by, well, space. You’ll just need to keep those extra bottles stored somewhere…

Bespoke design by Salacia of London

If you need help designing your bathroom, whether large or small, our designers at Salacia can help. We offer a fully bespoke service comprising bathroom design and suite delivery, ready to be installed. Get in touch with us now.

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