Top 10 Most Inspiring Bathroom Interior Designs


Do you have Your bathroom inspiration?

Here at Salacia, we believe a beautiful bathroom lies at the heart of a happy, balanced home life.

After all, what is the one thing we all dream about after a long week at work?

Yes, you got it.

Perfectly relaxing bubble bath, aroma oils, atmospheric music (just like the one we provided so you can get in the mood already) and perhaps a nice glass of St. Emilion – for those old enough of course!

All for an ideal evening of serenity and peace right at your very own home spa.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy Salacia’s Top 10 Bathroom Inspiration Interior Design Picks of 2018.



10. Intricate forest house bathroom 

Forest House Bathroom Inspiration of Salacia
David Bastos

We love to dream about having a tropical forest house. Tropical, almost outdoor bathroom en-suite just like this one by David Bastos is a great bathroom inspiration. Briliant design using outside surroundings as a part of the interior decor. The choice of colours and details complements the overall feel, creating a very consistent interior.


9. Intriguing combination of textures

Bathroom Inspiration for Salacia of London

Wooden horizontal panels combined with raw, brushed concrete-style geometrical shapes prove to be the answer if you are looking for a truly statement bathroom interior. We would never feel bored in such an interesting and stimulating bathroom!


8. Stunning mountain view bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom Inspiration
Valkyrie Studio

We really do not have to add much to this bathroom inspiration, do we? Just imagine the perfectly relaxing bath we talked about, with this sunset view. Perfection right? We would never struggle to get out of bed in the morning again if the shower in your bathroom en suite would be accompanied by an actual sunrise! Yeah, we get excited by bathrooms.. and views.


7. Perfectly serene home spa

En suite Bathroom Inspiration

We are seduced time and again by the all white interiors. However, we must admit, the addition of raw wood in this bathroom inspiration really gives it a special, home spa feel. And the little chill-out meditation area, simply spot on.


6. Next level timber countertop

Rustic Bathroom Inspiration

Speaking of wood… This incredible, raw countertop by Woodworkerz fits perfectly in this atmospheric, rustic bathroom. Hence, for those of you who like to add character and an edge to an interior this feature will definitely do the job.



5.  Elegant, yet statement

Elegant and spacious Bathroom Inspiration

Don’t you feel relaxed simply by looking at this bathroom? We absolutely love the combination of elegant whites, quirky dark details and this beautiful, statement lighting piece by the Lighting Store. Elegant, yet certainly full of character.


4. Green wall feature

Green Wall Bathroom Inspiration
Everlasting Flowers

Considering a green wall in the bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a paint colour. Well, not anymore that is. Now it means choosing between live, artificial, moss or ‘vertiss,’ to name just a few. Flourishing green wall and modern design really evoke the well being feeling we are all after in the perfect bathroom.


3. Fabulous rock-star vibe

Fabulous Bathroom Inspiration

-Fabulous bathroom inspiration overload alert-

For those feeling a little more Madonna, this rock-star kind of vibe this is it. Isn’t it? Absolutely fabulous combination of metallic tiles, wooden counter-top and a big, round mirror. Therefore, every day is set to be fabulous if started in such a fabulous en suite or master-bath! (We did warn you.)


2. Timber and stone romance

Timber and Stone Romantic Bathroom Inspiration

Incredibly elegant combination of wooden panels and raw stone. Modern, yet full of character and mystery. And the dark details… We love it!


1. Natural Artwork

Natural Bathroom Inspiration


When the view becomes the artwork itself, there is no other way than to embrace it. After all, it is there already, just frame it right and voila! No need to spend any extra pennies on accessories. We are feeling relaxed already! 


So… which one would be your favourite bathroom?

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