Should you sacrifice a number of bedrooms for a spacious family bathroom? – by Nicole Bremner

The conundrum is this, you’re renovating a family home, should you maximise the number of
bedrooms or sacrifice one for a spacious family bathroom? Regardless of whether it’s a home for
your family or a rental property or your goal is to sell, it’s a tough decision.

Family Bathroom instead vs Room - by Nicole Bremner
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A rule of thumb is that there should be a bathroom for every one and a half bedrooms. These can be a mix of full family bathrooms or just a guest WC. But it’s important to get the mix and location right.

Think about the layout and how the family bathrooms service the requirements of the residents.
Ideally, there should be at least a half bath on every level including ground floor.
I’ve often taken the decision to make the sacrifice. Parkholme Road was one of my earlier
developments. It was a six bedroom, two and a half bathroom property. I felt that there was very
little demand for six bedrooms in the Hackney area and a better option would be to convert one of the bedrooms into a beautifully equipped ensuite bathroom with a walk-in wetroom and dressing area.

Family bathroom in your house plan
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We made the same decision for Englefield Road flats to house conversion. We took a risk and
converted a whole floor of the house into a master suite including walk-in wardrobe behind the bed and large family bathroom suite with the bathtub prominently positioned to look out across the manicured gardens.

Family Bathroom- Islighton range by Salacia of London.
Islington range by Salacia of London.

For a similar family bathroom suite, take a look at the Islington range and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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