The Pinterest Q: Should you design your own bathroom?

Should you design your own bathroom?


Your own bathroom design… We have all had it. That beautiful but oh so misleading light bulb moment. After many an evening, weekend and train commute spent on our beloved Pinterest boards, identifying our very favourite pieces, looks, rooms and corners (and accessories! Don’t forget the accessories!) we suddenly have that epiphany…

Why don’t we just put two and two together and design the bathroom ourselves?

At this point, those of us with first bathroom experience breathe a deep sigh…because we know. We know that unfortunately, things are not that simple.

Here are some of the key problems –

  1. Will those two/three items go together in reality?
  2. Will my builder have all the right pieces?
  3. How do I order them all to come on time?
  4. How do I find a supplier who does all the items?
  5. How can I see how it might look altogether before I commit?

And so on…

If Pinterest is your mood board heaven, and it certainly is ours too. Here are some key tips for keeping it real when it comes to choosing your own bathroom design, and some shortcuts to actually getting what we’re expecting when it comes to the fit-out.

Streamline the style

Most bathroom ‘looks’ combine pieces from the same overall style. A classic Victorian basin might not really go together with a super contemporary WC or taps. Consider the overall look you are going for and make sure that the pieces match. View our classic Kensington collection here for example.

Salacia of London - possibly your own bathroom design.

Plan the space

Is the design you have in mind suitable for an ensuite bathroom? Or a master bathroom? Or are you looking to redesign your family bathroom?

Speak to your builder

There are many bits and pieces which are needed to complete the look, but also to have your dream bathroom functioning the way it should. Speak to your builder as you search your style and be ready to do some real research into collections. Salacia of London supplies everything your builder needs to install the bathroom itself so you won’t have to wander round stores looking for washers and the right plug.

Experience behind the design

Many interior designers are able to put together a look, but only after several design stages and the process of adaptation when it comes to the space. ‘New,’ on-trend or off-beat designs are fun, but can they work in reality? It is possible however to find your full design in one place.

Need help? 

Salacia of London provides a wide range of full bathroom designs and styles, complete with fittings, delivered to your door. Browse the ranges now.

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