Perfect Bath

The Perfect Bath…

This is a topic perhaps so subjective that it cannot be agreed upon. Agreed? But hey, we’re going to give it a try. The bath itself is the key focus of any truly luxurious bathroom, so if we had a choice – perhaps if we were renovating a new bathroom, developing a new home or remodelling, why wouldn’t we choose the most perfect bath?

Intimate space

This is where you let everything go at the end of the day; a haven from your troubles, stresses and the timetable of life. Everything slows down to a perfect moment in the present, of immersing yourself in a new world even if only for 15 minutes. Here are Salacia’s top three baths and why.


Some of us dream of a sunken bath, well why not create one by putting in a stairway to heaven? Take a look at this beautifully designed bath by the team at London Central Developments. The bath becomes a platform for ascending to a place of peace and tranquility. It separates the entire bath experience from the remaining space, making it a journey to elsewhere. What more do you need from your perfect bath? Hang a towel nearby and forget about everything else.

perfect bath. Salacia of London.
London Central Developments


Play is as important as relaxation to take our minds off the routine of daily tasks. If rather than catch up on your e-readers or meditations, you prefer to mess about in the bath on your downtime, you might consider a luxurious bath which allows you to play a little. This stunning design below, complete with microphone shower attachment and toy holders, all implemented into a marble haven by the architects at DROO Projects, therefore encourages you to let loose and splash around. Great for family bath time too.

perfect bath. Salacia of London.


Having your perfect bath by the window adds even more of a wow factor. Watch the beauty and peacefulness of nature or the intrigue of rooftops while in the warmth and comfort of your own bath space. Popular in Asian architecture, and for good reason, it’s all about returning to the balance. And what a view!

perfect bath window. Salacia of London.

Designing your perfect bathroom

Salacia of London has a bathroom design for every bathroom type. Take a look at all our ranges and be inspired. Check out our Kensington range now which features beauty and functionality all in one go.

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