The master ensuite: 3 key elements

3 Key elements – the master ensuite

There are many elements that make a beautiful master ensuite bathroom. Light, space, details, the stoneware, mirrors, to name a few. However, for a really luxurious bathroom experience, we believe there are three key elements, specific to the master ensuite, that have the power to make this space to most planned and coveted space in the home. For the real deal in your bathroom, come back to basics.

The Double Basin

Ensuite Bathroom Inspiration
Image: Rei Moon/MoonRay Studios / East Eight Developments

Happy couples all swear by one thing as the key to their lasting serenity. The separate bathroom basin. And why wouldn’t they? With an action so mundane as washing your face and brushing your teeth, why not have the luxury of space and individuality? Even in a narrow master ensuite bathroom, a double basin set can be installed and can completely change this personal experience.

Concealed storage

Ensuite Bathroom Inspiration
Image: Tom Joseph for KnightFrank / East Eight Developments

Nothing ruins the luxury factor in a master ensuite bathroom more than an unsightly overload of bottles, clutter and general debris. In the design of your dream bathroom, consider how and where all the many unguents can be stored. The peace and quiet you have been looking forward to all day will be all the more rewarding. And not accompanied by the sigh of ‘why is there is all this stuff everywhere?!’

The dramatic bath

En suite Bathroom Inspiration
Wildwood by London Central Developments

Along with space and clarity, a key piece of the luxury master ensuite bathing experience is the drama bath. A key to pure happiness in the home (we exaggerate not!) the bath must be a feature; requiring well thought out spacial design, accompanying space for limbs, candles and your glass of wine. Your bath robe should be nearby but not too close, as should your slippers or spa shoes.

Elements of design – with Salacia

It’s all about design and convenience, and that is what leads to a rewarding bathing experience which makes you want to come home early, every night. If you need help designing your bathroom, or putting together all the right pieces, we have a bespoke bathroom service or browse our London-inspired ranges.

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