How To: Make your own bath bombs

Bath Bombs.

Salacia know how important it is to find time to relax and make the most of your bathroom. We’ve come up with 5 easy steps to create your own bath bombs that not only look and smell great, they’ll also provide a way to unwind and enhance your bathing experience.

Bath Bombs- Salacia of London Inspiration.

What you’ll need:


Bath bombs are made of a mixture of dry ingredients which are hard packed, and dissolve and fizzle when added to water. They not only help to relax, but also help to add essential oils, beautiful colouring and scent to your bath water.

We think it’s quite easy to create your own bath bombs, which don’t require any unusual or hard to get hold of equipment. If you can’t purchase bath bomb moulds from somewhere, you can also use chocolate moulds, tennis balls cut in half, or ice cube trays. We recommend starting off by creating smaller bath bombs, as the larger ones have a tendency to crumble.

Salacia’s top tips

If you do experience some crumbling when removing the bath bomb from the mould, it could mean that the mixture needs to be compressed more or that it’s too dry. Ensure that you press the mixture in really hard, and if it’s still crumbly, you may need to spray a very small amount of water over the mixture.

If, once adding extra water, it starts to fizz then you have added too much water. This can be reversed by adding more baking soda and citric acid (2 parts baking soda, 1 part citric acid).


Making your own bath bombs

For each of the below steps, please ensure all young children are supervised and everyone involved in creating the bath bombs are each wearing rubber gloves.

1. Mix the citric acid and baking soda

Thoroughly mix together the citric acid and baking soda in a bowl.

2. Add in the essential oils

Add the essential oils and the optional tablespoon of extra oil and food colouring of your choice. Ensuring you’re wearing rubber gloves, mix with your hands. Remember to do this step quickly, before the mixture starts to fizz. If you experience clumping from the food colouring, you can just rub them between your fingers for the clumps to go away.

Bath Bombs- Salacia of London Inspiration.

3. Spray in a very small amount of water

Spray very small amounts of water at a time onto the mixture and continue mixing. You’ll need less water than you may think. Aim for a consistency where the mixture is still quite crumbly but will just hold its shape when squeezed.

4. Pack the mixture into the mould

The mixture you have created can now be packed tightly into the mould. If you are using two-part moulds, then slightly overfill each half and press them together tightly.

5. Leave to dry

Once in the mould, leave the bath bombs to dry for a couple of hours in a warm, dry place, but don’t place them in direct sunlight. To release the bath bombs from the moulds, just tap on them lightly and they should come out easily.

We would love to see you try making your own bath bombs, so tag us in your photos on social using #SalaciaDIY. For our best ways to making the most of a relaxing bath, see our blog here.

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