Ibiza Travel Guide by Nicole Bremner

      Ibiza travel guide reveals  Nicole’s most authentic personal experiences and feelings that accompany her when travelling to her favourite destination. Read, imagine and take notes whilst Nicole Bremner herself, tells you her story in this unique, personal travel guide.


Ibiza Travel Guide by Nicole Bremner
Ibiza Travel Guide by Nicole Bremner


”As I set off on my fourth trip to Ibiza in as many months I’m reflecting on why it is that I feel such an affinity with the White Island. From the moment I board the plane I feel like I’m going home. I grew up in Coffs Harbour, a small city on the east coast of Australia. Coffs, as we called it, had a relaxed hippy vibe without the ostentatiousness of more popular Byron Bay. While some may argue that Ibiza has become flashy I tend to tune into the relaxed, expectant vibe rather than brazen displays of wealth. That said I’m about to spend four nights aboard a yacht. 


Ibiza Travel Guide by Nicole Bremner
Yachting in Ibiza

While this is my seventh visit to Ibiza over the last 12 months, I don’t consider myself an expert on all things Ibiza. What I do know are a few select places that I’ve grown to love and enjoy each visit. Others will make different recommendations but these are my top tips and picks for my personal Ibiza travel guide, I have written especially for you.


During the peak season, many airlines fly from all major airports to the one airport in Ibiza. BA from London City airport is always my first choice. It takes a maximum of five minutes, with hand luggage only, to enter, clear security and sip a cappuccino at your gate. 

Some flights are full of stag and hen’s dos and there’s a great party vibe in the air with copious amounts of vodka being consumed.   


There’s no public transport in Ibiza. Taxis are generally very reliable and, apart from at 2 am when everyone is trying to change clubs, they’re easy to get. I use Ibiza Taxi +34 971 80008. The airport taxi queue tends to move quickly. 

Hiring a car is very straightforward as is driving around the island. I spent a week here in May and it was a perfect time to drive around the whole island and explore without so many tourists. 


Ibiza travel guide.Ibiza Body Blitz villa in Cala Moli bay
Ibiza Body Blitz villa in Cala Moli bay


I’m spoilt to have a good friend with a villa in the beautiful little bay of Cala Moli. Annika’s villa is spectacular with sunset views across the ocean. I’m spoiled forever. 

To hire a villa expect to fork out thousands a week. Get in touch with Sadie at Ibiza Property Management who can advise you on the perfect villa. 

If a villa is beyond your holiday budget there are hundreds of hotel options. I’ve only stayed at Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel in San Antonia Bay. It was a good standard with clean, large rooms and a nice pool. Hard Rock and Ushaïa are the ones most people rave about. But I’m not sure about staying at a club that runs from 15:00-24:00 for an extended period… 

A DJ friend spent a couple of nights at Pikes recently. It’s the hotel made famous by Wham back in the day. It has a lovely relaxed feel with a nice bar area and live DJs. It’s delightfully retro Ibiza. 




Ibiza Travel Guide. Sushi at the Cotton Club Ibiza
Sushi at the Cotton Club Ibiza

If I were to open a café I’d do it exactly like Passion Café. With numerous sites across the island, Passion serves up super delicious food porn that’s squeaky clean. There’s nothing on the menu I wouldn’t eat. 

Blue Marlin is an Ibiza institution and for good reason. The food is good, setting great and live DJ excellent. There’s nothing like partying under an open sky. Pure magic. The sushi is decent but I think it’s better at Destino by Pacha or, the very best, in my opinion obvs, Cotton Club.

Cotton Club is my favourite little restaurant so far. Perched on a cliff in Cala Tarida, it’s perfectly situated to sip a cocktail while watching the sun go down. In fact, it’s so romantic a random stranger proposed to me one evening. 

Ibiza Travel Guide.Random stranger proposing to me at the Cotton Club Ibiza.
Random stranger proposing to me at the Cotton Club Ibiza


Ibiza Travel Guide.View from the Cotton Club Ibiza.
View from the Cotton Club Ibiza


What’s better than a fitness weekend with your girl gang? A fitness weekend with a twist – aka Ibiza Body Blitz. Launched by foodie extraordinaire Annika Guise and fitness queen Kerry Godden it’s the best way to kickstart the new, healthier you.

Ibiza Travel Guide. Ibiza Body Blitz weekend.
Ibiza Body Blitz weekend away in Ibiza with the girls

I’ve been to five and I’ll keep coming back for more. Set in a stunning villa with ocean sunset views, Annika’s food is incredible. I eat so much and return home lighter and tighter. Probably due to Kerry’s high octane workouts which can be tailored to suit your fitness level. And the best bit? A party at the end to undo reward all the good work.  

Ibiza Travel Guide.Healthy breakfast with a view in Ibiza.
Healthy breakfast with a view in Ibiza


Ibiza Travel Guide.Ibiza Body Blitz breakfast.
Ibiza Body Blitz breakfast

I’d visited Ibiza a few times but only seen Annika’s villa and some clubs. So in May, I was determined to explore the whole island. Yes, you can do it in a car, but my friend has a motorbike licence so we hired a Harley Davidson and rode around the whole island in a day. 


Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.

It’s very easy to do. We didn’t really plan the trip just decided to follow the coastal routes and see where we ended up. My personal experience in the Ibiza travel guide shows that for a small island, Ibiza is quite diverse. You’ll find spectacular rocky cliffs, sandy beaches and orchards inland. Whenever the water looked inviting we’d park the Harley and cool off with a dip before continuing with the tour. 

Paddleboarding has been on my list to try for years. As part of the last Ibiza Body Blitz Annika booked an instructor for the group. Having left a job in the City to explore the world, he finally settled in Ibiza and teaches tourists to paddleboard. The day we learned was quite choppy so we couldn’t go as far as we’d hoped but I really loved it and by the end of the two-hour session was able to do a headstand on the board. Show off… 

Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.
Headstand on the paddle board in Ibiza


Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.


Ibiza Travel Guide
Paddle board lesson as a part of Ibiza Body Blitz retreat


Something I haven’t done yet but can’t wait to is a boating trip to Formentera. I hear it’s an amazing day trip. I’ll update this once I’ve been in September. There are plenty of ferries or boat hire companies to choose from. 

I’m sure there are dozens of beautiful beaches on the island I’m yet to discover. In this Ibiza travel guide, I tell you that my current favourite is the Cala Vadella. On the western side it’s perfect for adults and kids alike to spend the day splashing about in the shallow, still waters and digging sandcastles. The local restaurant does a good paella and wine list. Do try my favourite dish, the monkfish.  



Perhaps I’m saving the best ‘til last. Ibiza wouldn’t be Ibiza without the clubs. I haven’t been to many of them but I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoor restaurants with live DJs like Blue Marlin, Ushaïa and Destino Pacha. But they do have to finish at midnight. Which is fine because that’s when the other nightclubs are just getting started. 

For the hardcore electro-techno enthusiasts, you can’t beat DC10. In an old airport hanger, it has different rooms with different DJs. It gets really busy. Actually, they all do. You will lose people so have a meeting point. There’s no phone service in DC10. And don’t wear good shoes. They’ll be trashed after a night on the sticky floors. 

If you’re after something a little more elegant try Pacha which has just had a refit.  

Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.


This Ibiza travel guide gives you really just a tiny sample of the many things you can do while you’re in Ibiza. Do let me know about your experiences and if you have any tips or questions about the White Island. Enjoy! 

Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.

Sunset view in Ibiza

Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.
Sunset in Ibiza
Ibiza Travel Guide.Nicole Bremner.
Yatch life in Ibiza


Ibiza Property Management –  www.ibizapropertymanagement.net

Harley Davidson hire –  www.harley-ibiza.de

Stand Up Paddling – www.paddleibiza.com

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – www.paradisoibiza.com

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – www.hrhibiza.com

The Ushaia Experience – www.theushuaiaexperience.com

Pikes Hotel – www.pikesibiza.com

Passion Cafe – www.passion-ibiza.com

Blue Marlin – www.bluemarlinibiza.com

Pacha –www.pachaibiza.com

Cotton Club – www.cottonbeachclub.com

Ibiza Body Blitz – @ibizabodyblitz

DC10 – www.facebook.com/Dc10IbizaOfficial/

Boat Hire – www.blueoceanibiza.com


Hopefully, Ibiza Travel Guide prepared by the in-house rockstar of Salacia of London, high profile property developer Nicole Bremner will give you and excellent, unique advice on the next destination of your upcoming trip!

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