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QWhat is the difference between a Square and Rectangular Shower Cubicle?
AA Rectangular shower cubicle will usually comprise of a shower door and 1 side panel if enclosed by two solid walls; alternatively an end panel. The Square Shower Cubicle is an enclosure that fits a square area in the bathroom, generally comprising a door and a minimum of 1 side panel.
QWhat is a Walk-In Shower Cubicle?
AA Walk-in Shower Cubicle refers to an shower enclosure that doesn't have doors or any form of framework.
QWhat does "adjustment" mean in terms of my shower cubicle?
ARarely are walls in houses perfectly square, particularly in older houses. The Adjustment allows your fitter to adjust the shower enclosure to fit comfortably into the space.
QWhat is an Adjustable Shower Tray?
ASometimes floors in houses can be uneven, in addition if you have a concrete floor you may require room under your shower tray for you plumbing. Therefore an Adjustable Shower Tray is supplied with changeable feet so the user can adjust the height and make sure the tray is level.
QWhat is a reversible shower door/ panel?
AThis item can be used if rotated or turned upside down.
QWhat is a Bi-Fold Shower Door?
AThe shower door consists of two panel that concertina together when the door is opened. Whilst one end stays in a fixed position, the other runs along tracks allowing for access.
QWhat is a Corner-Entry Shower Cubicle?
AThe doors on a Corner-Entry Shower Cubicle open from the corner point of the shower. The cubicle is usually square in shape with 2 sliding doors.
QWhat is a Hinged Shower Door?
AA Hinged Shower Door swings open rather than having sliding doors on rails.
QWhat is the difference between a Pentagon Shower Cubicle and a Quadrant Shower Cubicle?
AImagine if you will a square shower cubicle with one corner sliced off. A Pentagon shower has five sides, two of which fit into a corner area. The remaining three consist of two panels and a door. This is a great space saver.   A Quadrant Shower Cubicle is quarter circular in shape and designed to fit in to a corner space, with a curved glass screen and sliding doors. An Offset Quadrant Shower Cubicle is a rectangular shower with an angled corner at one end.
QWhat is the difference between a Full and Semi Pedestal?
AA Pedestal is the support underneath your wash basin. A Full-Pedestal runs vertically from the wash basin to the bathroom floor. A Semi-Pedestal is wall mounted and is designed to conceal the pipe works.
QWhat is a Bath Screen?
AA bath screen sit in the edge of the bath, and is usually required with shower/bath to prevent the spillage of water. Most bath screens are made of toughened safety glass. They are sometimes made in curved glass, plain and even patterned.
QWhat is a Side Panel?
AA Side Panel or End panel is a screen that attaches to a shower door at 90 to create a shower enclosure wherever a side wall isn't present.
QWhat is an In-Line Shower Panel?
AIf you are installing a Rectangular Shower Enclosure you may wish to use an In-Line Shower Panel attached to a shower door in to increase the size of the cubicle.
QWhat is a Slider Door?
AA Slider Door operates by running along a guide track in order to allow access and is generally used in corner entry rectangular and quadrant cubicles.
QWhat is an Inset Shower Tray?
AInset Shower Trays and Floor Standing Tray is a low tray suitable for a wet room. The thin tray will sit directly to the floor and therefore needs to be installed where access to plumbing is available.
QIs the glass safe for use in a shower?
AAll shower screens, panels and cubicles provided are made from Safety Glass as standard.   Safety Glass is tougher and thicker than standard glass, increasing both stability and user safety.
QWhat is a Bath Shower Mixer?
AA Bath Shower Mixer works equally well as a bath mixer and a shower, with water distributed through either the tap or shower outlets.
QWhat is a Bridge?
AA Bridge is the horizontal connection between the hot and cold water taps.
QWhat is a Wall Hung toilet?
AA Wall-Hung toilet is attached to wall, this allows the toilet to be elevated off the floor. These toilets can be attached to load bearing walls but can also be installed and supported by a steel framework, which means that they can be fixed to any wall within the bathroom.
QThis suite doesn’t quite fit in my room, are there any alternatives?
APlease speak to a member of our team, provide as many dimensions as you can and we will help as best we can to design your suite either through our bespoke section, or it may be a case of shuffling a few things around or changing for smaller alternatives.
QI really like the Chelsea/Kensington/Wimbledon/Soho/Fulham suite, but the tap/vanity unit/toilet isn’t quite right, can I change it for something else?
AOf course, we have selected these suites and products to suite a variety of tastes, but we realise that we cannot count for everyone! Please see our bespoke page for more options and help. Our bespoke page also offers a 3D design service.
QCan I get trade discount?
AIf you are a regular customer and/or purchase multiple suites, please get in touch with our sales team for the best price. If you are a plumber/fitter/developer, please fill our trade form – you will benefit from fast delivery and some discounts. Each trade application is vetted and company/project details must be provided upon application.
QCan I purchase items separately?
APlease speak to a member of our team, or our bespoke section for more help.
QWhat is included from the room sets?
AEach set includes everything necessary for a bathroom installation. Use your cursor or touch to hover over the main product page and inclusive items will be highlighted. Below the suite description is also a ‘What’s included’ list.
QWhat is a Back-To-Wall toilet?
ABack-To-Wall (BTW) describes a toilet that is fixed rigidly to the surface of a supportive wall. The cistern is attached directly to the wall allowing for the waste pipes to be hidden.
QWhat is a Closed-Couple toilet?
AMost of the toilets you see are Closed-Couple, this means that the cistern is attached directly to the toilet pan.
QWhat is a Corner Fitted toilet?
AThis a great space saver toilet. As the name suggests, this toilet fits into the corner of the bathroom or cloakroom.
QIs this available in any other colours/options?
APlease refer to our bespoke page, talk to us on live chat, or give us a call.
QWhat is a countertop wash basin?
AThere are many countertop sinks around at the moment. These sinks sit on top of your vanity unit with the plumbing housed inside. They come in varying materials, glass, marble and porcelain. Very stylish but if you are considering a countertop sink, its worth bearing in mind the extra space it requires.
QWhat is a Semi-Recessed wash basin?
AA Semi-Recessed wash basin is integrated into a vanity unit, but unlike the Countertop, it will over hang the unit. The plumbing will be housed inside the vanity unit. Using bathroom furniture together with Semi-Recessed wash basins provides ample storage for all those bottles, jars towels and soaps that tend to accumulate in the bathroom.
QWhat does W.C. mean?
AW.C. stands for water closet, but is more widely known as a toilet.
QWhat is a 4-Piece Bathroom Suite?
AYour 4 - Piece Bathroom suite comprises of the 4 individual pottery fixtures; the toilet pan and cistern, the wash basin and pedestal. A 5 Piece Bathroom Suite has the addition of a bidet.
QWhat is the difference between a Cloakroom Suite and a standard bathroom suite?
AA Cloakroom Suite is smaller than the standard bathroom suite, it comprises of a basin and toilet usually more compact in size.
QWhat is an En-Suite Bathroom?
AAn En-Suite Bathroom is a bathroom that is usually attached to a bedroom.
QWhat is a Concealed Cistern?
AYou would probably find a Concealed Cistern in a Back-to-Wall or Wall Mounted toilet. The cistern and water chamber is hidden from view usually within the bathroom furniture or in the wall cavity.
QWhat is the difference between a top-flushing and a side-flushing toilet?
AA top-flushing toilet is usually operated by a push-button flush. This pushable fitting usually comes with Dual Flush as standard. This provides the user with 2 flushing strengths and allowing the user to be more economical with the water. A side-flushing toilet operates with a single handle on the side of the cistern.