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QWhat are the benefits to buying an entire suite from SOL?
ABetween our small and experienced team, we have over 50 years’ experience in the bathroom industry. Each suite has very carefully selected products that we have sold with very little or no issues what so ever and understand. Each suite has been constructed in such a way that all these products meet UK standards and all fit together seamlessly.
QHow do I know that my plumber will be able to fit these products?
AAll of our suites and products have been carefully selected, using 50 years of industry experience to ensure that all products we sell are compatible with the UK plumbing industry, manufactured to standard and easy to install. Installation instructions are provided with each product. Should you have any further technical questions, please get in touch with our team. We are more than happy to advise.
QDo you have a showroom?
ANo, not at the moment. We are a purely digital platform….. but WATCH THIS SPACE!
QWhat payment methods do you take?
ACard, BACs, cheque, PayPal
QHow do I return something?
APlease refer to our returns page.
QCan you sketch my room?
AWe offer a comprehensive bespoke design service
QDo you do site visits?
ARefer to our bespoke service