DIY tips for decluttering your bathroom

DIY tips for decluttering your bathroom

Bath and shower products. Makeup. Out of date moisturisers. We are all guilty of an overcrowded bathroom. We’ve come up with 3 easy DIY hacks to declutter your bathroom, and give it a chic feel.

Wine Racks

Wine racks aren’t just good for holding wine, believe it or not! They also look great when used to roll towels up and place them all in one place. Whether it be wood, plastic or ceramic, whichever suits your bathroom style, we think this is a great improviser and space saver. Of course, you can just fold and stack your towels, but with a hack this easy, why not give it a go?

Homemade Linen Spray

A nice touch for your bathroom towels is a DIY fresh linen spray. For this, you’ll need a little bit of witch hazel, a spray bottle and your favourite essential oils. Salacia’s favourite recipe is to mix 2 tablespoons of witch hazel, 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of lemon essential oil, and 6 tablespoons of water. Mix this all together and spray on your towels to keep them smelling fresher for longer!

Mason Jars

A simple and chic way to save space in your bathroom. Different sized mason jars are cheap to buy, if you aren’t lucky enough to have some laying around in your home already. Simply take a sponge and some white paint and cover a few different sized jars all over. Once dried, take some sandpaper and sand down the sides of the jar to give a rustic, vintage feel to them. These are great for things like cotton buds, cotton wool pads, toothbrushes and makeup brushes.

Whether these tips will help declutter your bathroom, or enhance a guest bathroom, we would love to see you give one a go. Tag us in your photos with #SalaciaTips.

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