Should you buy a bathroom online?

Should you buy a bathroom online?

buy a bathroom online. Salacia of London
Chelsea suite from Salacia of London

Is it wise to buy a bathroom online? If you think not, you might be familiar with these hassles:

Yes, we’ve experienced this too. With Pinterest and Instagram, (and our neighbours!) giving us the inspiration we want in terms of style, we want to be able to just buy the whole suite quickly. And why not? From most clothing brands you can now buy the whole outfit including accessories from one place, so why not the whole bathroom?

Everything in one place

Finally, you can buy a bathroom online in four easy steps. Heavy, thousand-page catalogues are ok if you know exactly what you’re looking for, or have renovation experience but so few of us do. More often than not you want to see how it all comes together. Salacia’s collections allow you to do that. And in a beautiful way.

Right bathroom, right space

If like us you prefer to view your bathroom suite in the exact type of room you will be buying it for, now you can. Your cloakroom bathroom, although small in nature will be a different vibe than the main bathroom, so now you can check.

buy a bathroom online. Salacia of London
Fulham cloakroom suite by Salacia of London

More support

Leaving phone messages and chasing suppliers is a thing of the past. With everything online and in one place and online chat available, there should be no way to be left hanging. But if you need to call and speak to a representative, you still can. With Salacia’s 72 hours tracked delivery, you will know where and when your suite will be landing.

Browse suites now

If you are looking for more of a bespoke approach, our design team at Salacia, headed by Creative Director Simon May, can help.


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