Bathroom taps: black is back

Bathroom taps: black is back

We absolutely love black bathroom details right now. Black bathroom taps, and a striking shower head and you’re off! Now all you need is a few extra beautiful details and some style notes and you’ll wow your guests and of course yourselves!

Black is masculine…or is it?

We imagine some of you are simply not sure about black bathroom taps. Black it seems, is still seen as a masculine colour, and some find it a little too ‘batchelor pad’ for use in the everyday home. Well we’re here to convince you. Not only is black super stylish – and just a little edgy, it’s very practical as well. Here are some beautiful examples of where masculine black has been softened and styled.

bathroom accessories. Salacia of London
Kohler.Com – The gentle striations in the design lighten the space without losing the style
bathroom accessories. Salacia of London
Pastel pink, last year’s Pantone colour of the year balances out the sharper black detail

Black is practical

There’s a reason why messy eaters wear black. Matt black bathroom taps and mixers are virtually mess and fingerprint proof – handy for everyday use. And even in a family bathroom. This really trumps chrome sanitarywear in this way, which feels like it needs polishing every day to retain the high shine and impact. The only thing to note is dust – this shows up on black so make sure tissue boxes and make-up powders are kept tidy.

bathroom taps. Salacia of London
Mixing up black with pattern for the fun factor

Black is in…and never out

Like our friend white, black never goes out on us. Stylish, striking – and sexy, black is here to stay. How you balance it is up to you so here are some more of our favourite examples of black bathroom taps and accessories.

bathroom taps. Salacia of London combines timber for grounding effect

Check out our Hoxton inspo on Pinterest

For more black inspiration – follow us on Pinterest. The Salacia of London design team is pushing the boundaries of bathroom design with inspiration from creative Hoxton and our property design queen Nicole Bremner. Stay tuned for the official release of our new range! Looking for something else? See our full ranges.

bathroom taps. Salacia of London
Hoxton inspo – Salacia of London Pinterest
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