Bathroom storage ideas: stunning bathroom storage

Bathroom storage ideas

Every bathroom space is different but they all have one thing in common. They all need to store stuff! Haircare, handcare, footcare, cotton wool, earbuds, cleaning supplies, toys, and all the unguents we accumulate over time – yes those samples too! You name it. It either ends up in the bathroom or somehow needs to. Here we look at some beautiful options for bathroom storage to give you inspiration and lift the dread of keeping this precious space clean and clear.

Keep it off the floor

bathroom storage ideas. Salacia of London

Floor space an issue? Tired of stacking baskets and items spilling out everywhere? Us too. A simple wall-hung unit could solve these problems, and can be custom made at a low cost to fit any space. We love this one for its architectural style and coupling with the basin units. Don’t get us wrong, baskets can be handy but not always great for avoiding dust. And somehow that dust just gets in. We suggest keeping baskets neatly placed within a unit, rather than on their own.

Under basin, or behind WC

If you are renovating your bathroom, consider what you might like to do with the space surrounding your bathroom suite items. Behind the WC, if carefully considered, can make a great space for storage which doesn’t upset the aesthetic of the bathroom overall. The opposing colour of the unit below actually creates exciting drama in a space otherwise keenly mono.

bathroom storage ideas. Salacia of London
bathroom storage ideas. Salacia of London
Sleek under basin storage via

Go super minimal

Clutter in the bathroom? Just say no. An all-out ban on clutter in the bathroom requires strict, streamlined storage however all this and more is available if that’s what you want. Having nothing but calm, peaceful spaces in your bathroom could be just what you need to fully enjoy the serenity of the space. This design via lets the pared-back stone-only design speak for itself. Everything else is away and tidy. A stunning alternative to ‘busy.’

bathroom storage ideas. Salacia of London

Drawn in

Why stop at exterior unit storage? Organising inside drawers for bathroom storage can be just as satisfying. Muji have great options for inside drawer storage, or any storage for that matter. Make-up pots, pencils, buds and pads can all be arranged for complete convenience.

bathroom storage ideas. Salacia of London

Mirror mirror

Forget the single, wall-stuck, flimsy mirror cabinet. Get serious about mirrors as a feature and they will get serious about storing your things. This design is beautiful, striking as you approach, and more than does the job. It’s no news that mirrors also expand a space, something so many of us need when it comes to mini bathrooms. See also our small bathroom inspiration on Pinterest and here on the blog.

bathroom storage ideas. Salacia of London
Architect Prineas

Salacia – 4 step solution to a new bathroom

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