Bathroom industry: why does it need disrupting?

Facebook Live: why does the bathroom industry need disrupting?

The bathroom industry needs disruption. Flicking through catalogues, missing pieces when it comes to installation, differing delivery times. We have faced these issues when buying a new bathroom. Facebook live: Salacia of London‘s Ollie Streek and leading London Property Developer and Salacia Head of Marketing Nicole Bremner discuss this question: why is a new way to buy bathrooms essential? Both for developers and consumers?


Ollie Streek and Nicole Bremner tell you why bathroom industry needs disrupting by Salacia of London.

The problem with buying a bathroom

It should be simple. A bathroom suite comprises just a few key elements: WC, basin, bath, shower. And yet, choosing a new bathroom can become a game of putting various pieces together we are not entirely sure will fit. We might need to order one thing from here, another from there, a further piece from over there…why is it all so challenging? Wouldn’t it be great if you could order everything from one place? Including everything you need? Well now you can. Welcome to Salacia.

bathroom industry. Salacia of London
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bathroom industry. Salacia of London
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