Bathroom- Family Comfort Zone.

family bathroom design. Salacia of London.
family bathroom design. Salacia of London.






How can you create a family comfort zone at home?

How can you create a family comfort zone at home? When setting up your family in a new home, it’s great to create a bathroom that will become a family comfort zone for all its members, from those just born, to the older among us. Health and well-being are the most important factors to keep everyone in their best shape and mood. Your bathroom is where those experiences are enriched with the feeling of comfort and elegance at the same time.







Kid-friendly, family comfort zone ideas.


Having children means that you may also need more space in your comfort zone. It can be organised in many interesting and practical ways. You can also add a luxurious touch to it at the same time.

In addition, the matt finish of your flooring and wall tiles in the neutral colour can be a sensible final touch in your bathroom to reduce your worry if anything gets spilled. This also crucially prevents slipping after bath-time.

An excellent design of your beautiful bathroom suite can simultaneously create a comfort zone for your family and enhance a luxurious touch to add an extra value to it. See Salacia’s designs for inspiration.

Your family bathroom should be designed in a perfect way to meet your comfort preference and desires. When you combine style with family space, everyone will be delighted to spend time in their beautiful comfort zone.




How do you keep your bathroom a comfort zone?

Tell us your thoughts so that we can be inspired too and create the beautiful bathroom suite of your dreams. We will include everything that you need in your family comfort zone bathroom.

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