Bathroom renovation – 5 steps to plan it

5 steps to bathroom renovation

If all you need is a red light filter to turn your bathroom into a horror film set, it might be time for a bathroom renovation. Poor ventilation, space issues, peeling sealants, cracking tiles, dirty grout…all these can seriously kill the serenity factor we all crave when it comes to our bathroom. And unfortunately wishing change won’t make it happen, we need to take action!

bathroom renovation. Salacia of London
Don’t get mad, get planning!

So where to begin? It can be overwhelming thinking of budgets, materials and the hows and perhaps that’s what’s stopped us taking action before. If we break it down however, there’s a lot we can do without the panic and dread. Here’s our 5 steps to bathroom renovation.

Prioritise the problems

In order to break it down, we first need to identify key problems. We might be thinking that a whole entire revamp is absolutely necessary, but it may not be. Plus the budget might not reach that far. Start by simply listing key issues like this for example:

Out of the listed issues, which are the ones causing the most pain? Address those first, but keep in mind the others for an overall vision of change.

Get inspired

Have the dream in mind. You might have already decided that a full refurbishment is not on the cards, however, you can still work in a look. Get inspired with Pinterest and Instagram so you know what you’re aiming for. It may well be possible!

bathroom renovation. Salacia of London
Chelsea bathroom suite by Salacia of London


Now that you know what the real priorities are, you can start to put together a gentle budget. It may be that you start with the biggest pain points first. The obvious obstacle that may come up here is that two things need to be addressed at once, e.g the WC and bath or any combination of your suite which require the same drainage pipe. But at least get clear on that. More tips for budgeting:

Organise yourselves

Who will be managing the renovation? If it’s you alone, make sure you are realistic about when and how much time you can give to it, not just the expense. If you are two people or more, delegate tasks now and avoid strife later. Things can always pop up in renovation, but you can tackle them if you get clear at the start who is doing what to help things along or organise the third parties. Avoid stress where possible!

Have fun!

It may seem a daunting journey ahead to get your desired bathroom but it can also be fun! Choosing tiles, playing with Pinterest, searching suites, it’s the best part.

bathroom renovations. Salacia of London
Hoxton inspo – Salacia of London Pinterest

Bespoke bathroom design

If it all simply seems too much, or you are time-poor and would rather put funds into getting some help, there is always the bespoke approach. Tailoring the desired look to space is everything, and maybe what you need to remove the hassle. Check out our bespoke service at Salacia of London, working in collaboration with a brilliant design team.

Happy renovations!

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